Because Children Have No Voice

Why is The CAP Center Involved With Advocacy and Legislative Affairs?

Because children have no voice.

The CAP Center strives to build a statewide network of individuals, public policymakers and collaborative agencies dedicated to preventing child abuse and neglect in all its forms. We monitor public policy and endeavor to influence public policy, programs, and practices that strengthen families and protect children. We achieve this by regularly distributing information regarding child abuse prevention initiatives, activities, legislation, and campaigns.

The CAP Center determines support of or opposition to state legislation based upon staff research and analysis. Key factors considered include relevance to the overall mission of the CAP Center.

What You Can Do

The Child Abuse Prevention Center encourages everyone to make their voices heard. Calls to your legislator or writing letters of support on important legislation DO make a difference.To find your state legislators, click here. For a list of all legislators, click here.

Across the state, grassroots child advocates work to establish and maintain meaningful relationships with their members of the California Legislature. Combining their efforts with the CAP Center PAC's official, public endorsement is a chance to have a significant, meaningful impact on the political forces that affect abuse and neglect efforts across the state.